About TrueTalk

TrueTalk is a IOS app (Android and web app to come) that is (in our humble opinion) the best way to listen to your favorite people.

It was built throughout 2019, by Elijah Kim and Caleb Kim. They are both high schoolers who didn't want to do high school anymore so they made this app. Their dreams users are Elon Musk, Daisy Ridley and Charlie Puth.

They are located in Los Angeles, California.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Audio?
There's something special about audio. It's so much more personal than texting. It's a lot faster too. And no pressure about looking your best here! Talking is the most natural way to communicate. We love to listen, and you probably already have your favorite audiobooks or podcasts. But do you know what people like to do more than listen?

How do I become a content creator?
It's really simple! Just try to talk about things that other people will want to listen to and make sure anyone can follow you. If you have an interest in the news, a sports team, or just have some cool stories to share then use that. Posting at least five times a week helps your chances of becoming successful, and your chance of becoming a featured creator.